Most likely no, because the laptop would need to have an HDMI input, and that's going to be a pretty rare thing, if such a thing even exists on a laptop. Xbox Live Gamertag: Mcmax3000 User Info: Jigglybuff

Dec 27, 2017 · The current HDMI revision supported by Xbox One X right now, HDMI 2.0, supports transfer rates up to 18 Gigabits per second – imposing a limit of 4K (3,840 × 2,160 pixels) resolution at 60 Hz. Consejo. No podrás conectar tu Xbox 360 a una portátil a través de un puerto de salida HDMI. Estos puertos son usados para conectar y transmitir la imagen de la pantalla de tu portátil a una fuente compatible con HDMI, y no para recibir señal. First, you need to get an HDMI cable. Check the ports around your laptop, you will see the HDMI port, every laptop has it, except it is a very old laptop. Also, you will see the HDMI ports on your TV (usually red-colored). Then connect the HDMI cable from the port at the back of your TV set into your laptops HDMI output port, and that is it. Connecting it to the laptop? Wouldn't the laptop have hdmi out to connect to a tv or something? A lot of people over look this and think HDMI works both ways for output and input lol I was one of those trying to plug my 360 into a laptop last Gen xD What exactly would happen at that point though? The HDMI port on the laptop is only a output port for plugging in a external screen. If you want to use the laptop as the screen and play the xbox on the laptop you need a capture card. One of my favorit youtubers posted a video with a promotion for some sort of discount on a capture card in collaboration with Machinima. ZackScott video. Apr 14, 2020 · Once you're streaming, you can launch games and apps from the Xbox One dashboard. The display that you would normally see on your television will still appear on the television, but it will also be mirrored on your PC monitor, tablet, or laptop screen. This allows you to navigate the Xbox dashboard, and launch games, as you normally would.

Apr 27, 2018

I would first try stuffing a direct hdmi connection form the xbox to your laptop. If that doesn't work, well, you're out of luck. 10 years ago. Itchynail. Follow 32. Forum Posts. 0. Wiki Points

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