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The previous lack of an OS X equivalent to the PC software DVDShrink gave this standalone DVD ripper widespread popularity among Macintosh users. The current public release is version 2.6.6. The latest version, v4.2.7, is available at the MTR-4 forum, which is accessible only after a registration with, and an approval from, an administrator. Finding out a bad or simply overloaded network link with Apr 20, 2006 Combine ping and traceroute with MTR - OS X Daily Aug 05, 2010 Using MTR for network diagnostics - MoonPoint May 05, 2017

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MTR - How To Use Traceroute Tool to Diagnose Network Issues Sep 20, 2019

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Featured Freeware: MTR | Liquid Web MTR can be installed on almost any Linux machine by using a local package manager such as yum or apt. Windows and Mac OS X users can install MTR using the links in the Additional Resources section at the bottom of this post. Basic MTR Usage. Example MTR command from a …