If your Google | TP-Link OnHub router encounters this issue, you will need to set up your Wi-Fi network again using the Google Wi-Fi app. For owners of affected devices, Google has issued a statement and provided instructions to address this issue.

May 30, 2018 Solved: Wireless suddenly stops working, no idea why Over the last two days, my wireless router has just kinda stopped working. I've lived in a two story home since April and when I had my services moved over, the router was placed in an area where it would be about the same distance from devices on either side of the house. We've had absolutely no problems since the installation 5-6 months ago. SOLVED: How can I fix a router that gives signal, but not Try connecting your PC with modem or router with RJ45 patch cable and try using internet to check if it works fine or same slow browsing issue. If you still face the slow browsing issue then the issue can be with your ISP and internet connect but its fine then problem in wireless configuration. Xfinity Internet and WiFi Connection Troubleshooting

once you will configure your router, your router will start working fine, So you may go ahead and follow the. In case, if you are still facing the netgear router not working problem. let me know. we will help you in troubleshooting the problem.

Router stopped working mid-cut. The router turns off while in use. Power Cord is split. This is likely an electrical issue. We suggest following this guide to replace it or taking it to a professional given the electric nature of the device. Router overheating. See “Overheating router” section. Internet Stopped Working - Xfinity Help and Support Forums

I've been using the Netduma R1 since 2015. Suddenly stopped working. No changes made. Tried factory resetting from misc page and the router itself. Seems the firmware has (possibly) been upgraded as factory reset does not fix the issue. I also note when selecting the misc page in the browser there is a message the page could not be loaded.

Router stopped working - Linksys Community Out of the blue, my linksys router has stopped working. It is a WRT54G version 8. I know that it is not my modem because I am hooked in to my modem right now. I tried hooking the router up to the modem and then hooking up the modem to my computer and the internet does not go through. Right when I pl AC1200 R6220 Router Stopped Working - NETGEAR Communities My router stopped working this morning and after rebooting it as well as my modem (also netgear) the issue remains. Internet browser keeps coming up with message that says, “This connection is not private” and the site might be trying to impersonate the site I’m trying to … Factors Affect Linksys Router Not Working Problem - AskProb Jul 07, 2020